The way our grandparents looked for jobs is different from the way our parents looked for theirs. It, of course, follows that the way we search for work is radically different from a generation ago. Back then, it mattered who you know in the company – then it got trumped by meritocracy. What’s funny is that, with the modern job application process, it now matters who you know once more, in a different way.

Networks matter

Fifty or so years ago, if you knew the owner of the business, you most probably will have an advantage over somebody who just came in the door applying for a job. Twenty-five years ago, you would most likely have gotten your work from the jobs wanted ads in the newspaper. The modern job application process is different but it still involves your networks. Right now, you use Social Media and the internet to look for jobs. Large companies also use the referral system in order to look for candidates and reward employees with successful referrals. The advent of big data and AI has changed the way that companies advertise their jobs. Click on an ad and you will find yourself looking at similar ads from now on.

Make technology work for you

Job Application Process
Make technology work for you.

Let Social Media apps know that you are looking for a job. If you are on LinkedIn, you can let recruiters know that you are open for opportunities. If you have a TrueProof with, it means that you’re advertising that your credentials have been verified by the trusted leader in Primary Source Verification. You can also join forums on Facebook and follow manpower agencies’ Twitter accounts. Even Instagram has joined in on the job hunt process where companies’ jobs wanted ads suddenly appear when you’re browsing their Stories.

myTrueProfile page

Make sure that you keep your information updated on your myTrueProfile page as it basically functions as your digital resumé. Add your credentials as you build them up. You can get to share it with potential employers, as well as transfer your TrueProofs to regulators and authorities that require a PSV report. Don’t forget to update your Contact Settings to public so that if a relevant job opportunity opens up, an employer can view your information and contact you.

Online application

Job Application Process
You might experience a panel interview from halfway across the world.

Companies who employ thousands of employees would most likely have an online application process. To save time, you can search for your target company’s website and see if you can submit an online application before you walk in. Companies with a global reach, especially for those recruiting migrant workers, might conduct video interviews. It’s imperative that your computer’s camera and mic are working perfectly by testing it beforehand. It can add to a stressful situation to find that they can barely understand you over the static on your end.

Reviews and feedback

LMGTFY is a thing. It stands for let me Google that for you. You can basically search for anything on Google and it includes information on the company that you are applying to. Do your research before coming in cold. You can search on Glassdoor for any employee feedback and what their culture might be. You can also get more of an idea of what their core business is.

The modern job application process

It’s still basically the same, only with more technology involved. If you are still physically walking instead of letting your mouse do the clicks, you need to master the modern job application process. You can honestly tell your Mom that you are looking for a job when you’re holed up inside your room all day.

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