Networking isn’t about asking an acquaintance to get some coffee out of the blue, when you haven’t spoken to each other in years. It’s also not about some multi-level marketing and how you can recruit as many of your friends as you can. Networking is about putting yourself out there, letting people know about your skills, and finding out about other people in return. Your network can even help you land a job.

Your circles

No matter how much of an introvert you think you are, you still know a lot more people than you think. You have your former school friends, university friends, past work colleagues, neighbours, and even your relatives.

Network Help Land Job
Stop being a wallpaper during gatherings.

Be interested to be interesting

In social gatherings, you need to set the ball rolling, so to speak. Talk to people, only, don’t talk about yourself endlessly – this ensures people will avoid you. Be interested in what other people are saying. Ask them questions that you’re interested to know about – it helps a lot. Find some common ground and align yourself with the speaker. Once you have established a connection, don’t forget to get their contact details, business card or connect on LinkedIn.

Online presence

Your online presence is important in networking. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and business sites like LinkedIn are crucial in developing an online persona that you can put out there to advertise your capabilities. If you are looking for a job, you have to let people know and you’ll be surprised by how many people want to help – after all, they’ve likely been in your situation before.

Keywords and credentials

Network Help Land Job
Let your social media network know that you have verified credentials.

Wise up to the way that the world is working in this age of information. Headhunters now use AI to look for applicants and you have to rise to the challenge. Use keywords in your resumé and on your LinkedIn profile. Expand your online network to include talent acquisition associates and headhunters. Make sure that your credentials are eye-catching and that you highlight unique achievements. Add a TrueProof to your profile and catch the eye of employers on the lookout for verified professionals!