Charito Hernandez planned on going abroad even as she worked as a Medical Sales Representative for a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. You could say she didn’t leave anything to chance as she took up a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to get her career off the ground. She got her degree from Our Lady of Fatima College and subsequently got her license to practice. Nursing at the time was almost a sure-fire way of getting a job abroad since it was the position that was most in demand overseas.

INTERVIEW: Verifying My Credentials with Helped Me to Get a Job Abroad

She also took up another degree, this time from the Emilio Aguinaldo College, for Bachelor of Science, Major in Respiratory Therapy. Charito wanted to make sure that the first and best option that would take her abroad would be open to her. She heard of and that she could get her DataFlow PSV verification ahead of time with the company. We spoke with Charito about her experience moving abroad and how verifying her credentials with helped to make her career goal a reality.

Q: Are you currently working abroad?

A: Yes, I am currently working overseas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the National Guard Health Affairs as a Respiratory Therapist. I’ve been here for 6 years now.

INTERVIEW: Verifying My Credentials with Helped Me to Get a Job Abroad
Charito at the NGHA.

Q: Did you get your TrueProof from

A: Yes, and I never looked back since.

Q: Did having your TrueProof from contribute to your getting abroad?

A: Of course. I already had a job offer, but a DataFlow report was a requirement for me to get there.

Q: You mentioned that you have been working in Saudi for 6 years now. How do you find it?

INTERVIEW: Verifying My Credentials with Helped Me to Get a Job Abroad

A:  It’s not as hard as I expected it to be. I have hobbies and interests just like I have back home in the Philippines. I’m a simple person and I just like to watch movies. I also like to browse on the internet, and I can even go to the mall alone!

Q: You said that you can go to the mall alone. Can you travel freely?

A: I do travel, but I prefer to travel with a group. So if we want to go sightseeing, like go to the Red Sand and ride an ATV, we go in groups. If you come here, you have to go see the Red Sand and do a desert safari.

Q: Can you tell me more about the culture inside the hospital where you work?

A: You really feel safe here and inside the hospital setting, you can talk to whoever you need to talk to.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I actually want to explore getting a job in the UAE, and have some questions about getting my TrueProof transferred to HAAD. We would be happy to assist you in transferring your report. The good news is that you can transfer your TrueProof to any authorities that accept DataFlow. And if you need to add experience certificates and documents, you can, and it will be added to your report. We also have resources that you can read up on. We have articles on the HAAD license process, the exam, and the Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR).

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