Honoring our TrueProfile.io nurses for International Nurses Day! #IND2021

The World Health Organization estimated that there are currently 20.7 million nurses and midwives in the world! Nurses play a vital role in society. They are committed to providing the best care possible and the past year has been no exception. Nurses are frontline professionals who support patients through their health and illness journeys from patient care and advocacy to care planning and education. 

Nursing is not an easy profession and nurses have sacrificed so much for their patients that it’s only fitting that we celebrate the nurses in our lives and throughout the world. That’s why today, International Nurses Day, we raise awareness of the value of nursing. This year’s theme is ‘Nurses: A Voice to Lead – A vision for future healthcare.’ Acknowledging their life-saving work allows nurses to continue health promotion, disease prevention, patient support and treatment.

While we honor and thank all nurses for their care and dedication, today we shine a spotlight on some of our TrueProfile.io nurses who share their interesting stories about life as a nurse:

1. Christine Burias, ICU Nurse, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Christine Burias, ICU Nurse, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Christine Burias, ICU Nurse, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Christine Burias is an ICU Nurse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When we asked Christine about life as a nurse in the KSA, she said, “I like the fact that it’s helping me become a professionally and culturally competent health care practitioner by working in a diverse and ever-changing healthcare system.¨

Christine tells us about her journey in nursing, her hobbies outside of work, her experience as an ICU nurse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and her helpful tips for fellow OFWs.

2. Ronnil Ravina, Senior Nurse, Qatar

Ronnil Ravina, Senior Nurse, Qatar
Ronnil Ravina, Senior Nurse, Qatar

Ronnil tells us why he moved overseas to work as a Senior Nurse in Qatar, “I wanted to hone my skills and to further my career. I believe that having international working experience and being multi-lingual will give you an edge over others. You will also have a chance to understand different cultures, traditions, and languages as well.”

Ronnil talks about life as a nurse overseas and gives his top tips to other professionals who want to move abroad for work.

3. Michael Jade Tumaneng, Triage Nurse, UAE

Michael Jade Tumaneng, Triage Nurse, UAE
Michael Jade Tumaneng, Triage Nurse, UAE

Jade successfully progressed his career from rural nursing in the Philippines to triage nurse in the UAE. He discusses how his dynamic experiences shaped him as a nurse. “I was new to nursing when I began work as a Rural Nurse. Through the leadership of my mentors, they changed and shaped my way of dealing with patients. In rural areas, there are a lot of differences compared to hospital settings. In rural nursing, I treated my patients using limited resources and I apply this experience to my work as a triage nurse in the UAE. I recall attending Medical-Dental Missions in remote areas where the resources available to us were scarce.”

Jade talks about life in Fujairah City, UAE, as a nurse, the process for applying for overseas nursing positions from the Philippines and how the pandemic affected his work.

4. Theresa Peñarubia, Head Nurse, Philippines

Theresa Peñarubia, Head Nurse, Philippines

Theresa tells us why she chose nursing as a career. “I felt that I needed to do something that helped people more directly. I chose nursing as a career because it meets that need. I do not think anything is more rewarding than helping someone in crisis. Most people become so appreciative of your services because, as a nurse, you are putting someone else before yourself. And that person you are helping becomes so appreciative of you for doing that.”

Find out more about Theresa’s experience as a nurse during the pandemic and her advice for those who want to further their careers.

5. Loraine Zozobrado-Ranque, Nurse Trainee/OPD Clinic Staff Nurse, Qatar

Loraine Zozobrado-Ranque, Nurse Trainee/OPD Clinic Staff Nurse, Qatar

Loraine currently works as a Clinic Staff Nurse in Qatar but tells us about her experience working as a Care Worker in Japan. “I worked as a Licensed Care Worker (Caregiver) in Japan at a long-term care welfare facility/hospital for the elderly, where most patients lived with Dementia. We also cared for patients who were bedridden or who suffered from other medical conditions. I enjoyed working in a very systematic and disciplined environment. I also experienced being a Shift Leader where I created care plans, attended meetings and life support seminars, which helped me upskill.”

Find out more about how Loraine found her way back to her calling in the healthcare industry after a stint as a freelance Japanese and English translator in Qatar:

How else can I celebrate International Nurses Day?

Nominate a Nurse

Nominate a nurse that inspires you on this Facebook or LinkedIn post and tell us why you think they deserve to win TrueProfile.io’s Nightingale Scholarship Fund. Both you and the nurse you nominate will then be in the running to win US$500 each!

You can use the fund to further your education, improve your career prospects, allocate towards professional migration expenses or help achieve your professional goals! 

For further scholarship details, check out this blog post

Send a simple ‘thank you’ 

Letting a nurse know how much you appreciate them as a peer, colleague, employee, or patient will go a long way. The past year has not been easy on nurses and healthcare staff, so reach out and let them know you’re thinking of them by sending a nice card or email. You’re guaranteed a smile!