Dr. Ahmed Gamal Abdalla is a doctor who has dedicated his career to serving children. Find out what makes this successful paediatrician tick and why he chose to get his documents verified with TrueProfile.io. 

Hello Dr. Ahmed. Can you tell us about yourself?

I am a 47-year-old Consultant Pediatrician holding a Master’s degree in Pediatrics. I love music, learning more about Medical Information Technology and my hobby is walking and listening to pop music. I love helping people in need and I love travelling overseas. I was lucky to travel to the U.S in 1988 and that’s where I finished my Junior and Senior years in High School. This helped me join the School Of Medicine in Cairo-Egypt in 1989. I was interested in Pediatrics during college and I decided back then to be a Pediatrician.

INTERVIEW: Getting Verified with TrueProfile.io is All So Easy

How long have you been working as a doctor?

I’ve been working for 5 years as a resident doctor. I have over 17 years of experience as a Pediatrician, with 3 of them spent in the Gulf Region.

How did you find out about the services of TrueProfile.io? 

I learned about it through the DataFlow Group’s website. It was on the FAQs page. When I read that the DataFlow group had a new service called TrueProfile.io, I was eager to know more!

What are your career plans?

I am now a self Employed Pediatrician in Cairo as well as working at a famous private practice in Cairo “Tabibi”  clinics. But I’m looking forward to applying for a job as a Consultant Pediatrician in the Gulf Region or the Far East.

How did getting verified credentials help you in terms of your job application?

Having a PSV report from the DataFlow Group helped me back in 2009 in verifying my credentials for applying for HAAD License as a Specialist Pediatrician in Abu Dhabi-UAE.

How easy was it to process your PSV report using TrueProfile.io? 

It’s an easy process, starting with account creation, document upload, application filling, and payment. Ending up with the results being automatically arranged as TrueProofs (Employment, Degree, Licensing, Good standing) ALL SO EASY.

INTERVIEW: Getting Verified with TrueProfile.io is All So Easy

What is the most beneficial part of having your report stored on TrueProfile.io? 

I liked having my TrueProofs ready all the time. There was no need to re-apply for verification, no need to pay again, and most importantly, it is stored safely. I also liked the option of linking my social media accounts and LinkedIn accounts to my TrueProofs.

Would you recommend TrueProfile.io to your friends? 

Yes, I will recommend to all of my friends to create an account and store their reports on TrueProfile after being issued by the DataFlow Group.