You’re browsing Facebook and you see your friends frolicking abroad, broad smiles on their faces. And you’re still languishing in that job that you’ve had for five years now. You wonder what it is with these beautiful, shiny people that they have their dream jobs overseas. You might be asking yourself: what is it that they have that you don’t? What are the reasons you’re not getting your dream job abroad?

Take the first step

It’s easy to dream, what takes work is the action you put to realize your dreams. Have you even taken the first step to realize your dream? Do you know what you need to do in order to get your dream job? Are your plans specific and does it have a timeline? If it doesn’t, you might just be daydreaming, but not really working towards a goal. Create your myTrueProfile page and build your digital resumé to start with.

Take no excuses

There are a lot of reasons why you are not getting your dream job abroad. You might not have the correct qualifications – what are you doing to get those qualifications? You might not have the money – I know of a person who has pawned the land that his family has tilled for generations. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is unstable – hello, ever heard of the millions of overseas workers who went there? And who continue to work and succeed there?

Don’t procrastinate

You might have your plans in place. And you might have enough work experience to qualify for your dream job abroad. Although if you put off doing the next steps in getting that overseas job, then you are no nearer towards getting it. The next thing you know, ten years have passed and your window of opportunity has gone. With this in mind, make sure that your Contact Settings on your myTrueProfile page is set to public. This means that whenever a relevant job opportunity arises, interested employers can contact you.

Put your money where your mouth is

Why You're Not Getting Your Dream Job Abroad
Bet on your dream

Make an investment towards getting your dream job abroad. Once you have placed your money on the table, it will be an incentive for you to finish your plans. It’s like it has already cost you, might as well go for broke. Most jobs abroad ask for certifications and verifications like IELTS for English, and DataFlow for healthcare professionals. Get them in advance to break down your expenses and not pay for them all at once.

Stay the course

Some applicants accept a job rejection as a sign from heaven that getting a job abroad is not meant for them. That simply is not true. All job applicants have been rejected one way or the other. Tell the universe that you want this and own it. You will get your dream job abroad.