When you work abroad under a multi-year contract, time feels like it’s going in slow motion. Christmas-time is like a special torture chamber designed to rub in your face the fact that you’re all alone in a foreign country. You’ll often wish that you could fly back home easily. You know what? You can if you watch out for cheap flights! Here are some tips to help you bag cheap flights when you work abroad.

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Cheap Flights Work Abroad

I was able to book a flight from the Philippines to Indonesia and back for under $37.00. I booked my Aunt a flight from Australia to the Philippines round trip for under $300.00. You too, can fly direct from Dubai to Manila for just under $400.00, and this price is not even a sale price! You know how I was able to get those cheap flights? I signed up for newsletters from budget airlines that fly to the Philippines.

Plan Ahead

Airlines hold seat sales, but the flight dates will be set far into the future. The key into getting a good deal is to plan ahead. When you’re under a contract, you obviously can’t take a long leave of absence. What I do is to mark on the calendar the official holidays, and then work around them so that I can take a mini-vacation without using up far too much of my leave credits.

Sign Up for Miles

Another way that you can get cheap flights is to sign up for miles. Airlines usually have their loyalty programs, and if your company provides your tickets, get your miles credits by signing up for it. Get credit cards that gives miles and consolidate it all once you’re ready to fly. By consolidating, I mean transfer the rewards points from the credit card to one airline miles. You can get free trips if you’ve accumulated enough miles. Philippine Airlines even has double miles redemption from time to time. Meaning, you can fly for half the miles needed.

Utilize Technology

Cheap Flights Work Abroad

Technology is wonderful and it’s there to serve us. You can use the Hopper app to see the days or months where the flights are cheapest at the destination of your choice. Use Skyscanner to compare cheap flights. Kayak and Traveloka are also great alternatives. Another great tool to watch for cheap flights when you work abroad is Google Flights. Search for flights back home and click on Track Prices. It will send you emails when flight prices change.

Getting back home from time to time is not as expensive as it used to be. Air travel is no longer the province of the very rich. Cheap flights for those who work abroad is attainable as long as you know where to look.