The May Scholarship is here and it is super easy to enter

Have a shot at winning the May Scholarship fund worth $1,000 by simply completing your myTrueProfile page. 

If you have already signed up with, you will have noticed that the first page you will land on, on our website, is your myTrueProfile page. This contains all the information that potential employers and recruiters look for in a job applicant. Treat this page as you would your online resumé and complete all the details, including your contact information, work experience, and your education and add any professional licenses you hold.

Send us an email

Once you have completed the above steps, all you need to do is send us an email at with the link to your myTrueProfile page. That will count as your entry to the May Scholarship Fund. This is your shot at winning US$1,000! The deadline for your submission is 31st May, 2020.

Don’t forget your Contact Settings

If you are actively seeking a new role, make sure you update your Contact Settings so that recruiters can view your profile! This way, you will get the chance to be contacted for relevant job openings. You also have the option to change your preferences at any time.

May Scholarship
Choose the recommended setting.

Terms and Conditions

Each member can only be awarded the Scholarship fund once.

Members must be aged over 18 years old. 

Eligible Members must be an individual applying on their own behalf. 

Only one entry per Member, bulk entries will be considered spam and will not be eligible to win. 

The winner will be chosen at random and will be notified by email. 

The winner is responsible for ensuring that they are able to accept the prize (i.e holding a valid bank account in their name). If they are unable to accept the prize, another winner will be chosen. 

If a Member wins, and fails to claim their fund within 14 days, another winner will be chosen at random. After which, the initial winning Member cannot claim or dispute their rights to the Scholarship fund. 

The fund can only be transferred to the bank account or Paypal account in the name of the winning Member.