If you’ve logged into your TrueProfile.io account recently, you’ll have noticed that your myTrueProfile page has been given a complimentary upgrade! We’ve rolled out a new myTrueProfile page for all of our Members which has been devised to help you build your career abroad. 

What’s new on the myTrueProfile page?

The redesigned myTrueProfile page contains a number of additional fields so that you can input more information about your career history. We’ve done this for two reasons:

  1. To enable you to build and share a complete, verified online CV 
  2. To make your information searchable by employers

To present yourself as a qualified professional, you need to add relevant career information to the new myTrueProfile page. There are new fields for you to add information about your career summary, your previous experience and – if you haven’t yet made the move abroad – where you’d like to relocate to. 

Start building your myTrueProfile page 

Below you’ll find our step-by-step guide for building your myTrueProfile page. Once completed, employers will be able to search your specific skills, qualifications, experience, and employment preferences. 

Your myTrueProfile page is made up of the following sections: 


  • Additional features
  • Verify a new document

If you have verified documents, these are marked beside each heading. For example, in this example, we can see that Grace Torres has a positive verification for her identity document, signified by the green dot beside the ‘Identity’ heading.

Our step-by-step guide will walk you through each section to ensure that you maximise your chances of getting hired abroad. Let’s get started.

  • Personal Information

Exactly as its name suggests, this section is where you enter your personal information including date of birth, passport number, and contact details. It’s important that your email address and phone number is up-to-date should an employer wish to contact you.

  • Identity 

If you have verified your identity documents with TrueProfile.io, this is where they should be presented. If you wish to add an additional ID document simply click the ‘+’ button to add your identity information.

  • Professional Information 

The Professional Information section relates to your chosen industry and current employment. Add in the details around your length of experience and give recruiters a little more info about you, your qualifications and career goals.

The Job Experience area is where you list the roles you have held throughout your career, including your employer, length of tenure, and the positions you held. If you have an TrueProof for your experience certificate for this role, it will be shown as follows: 

Alternatively, if you wish to include additional experience information, it can be added by clicking the “+” button beside the “Job Experience” heading and completing the following information:

Similarly, the Education heading is where you add any information relating to your education history. This includes any degrees and diplomas you may hold. If you have an Education TrueProof, it will be found here:

Additional education segments can be added easily by clicking on the “+” section beside the Education header and filling out the required fields. Additional education certificates can also be added.

If you have verified your professional licenses, your License TrueProof will be found here, as shown in this example:

Additional licences can also be added by clicking the “+” button beside the License heading and completing the following information:

Any Good Standing Certificates you have already added or had verified will be found under the Good Standing section like so:

If you wish to add further Good Standing certificates you can do so by clicking the “+” button beside the Good Standing heading and completing the following information:

If you have existing DataFlow Reports, they are all found under the Reports heading, for example:

If you want to download a copy of all your reports, you can do this by clicking on the “Download all DataFlow Reports” button on the top right of this section.

Individual reports can be downloaded by clicking on the “…” icon and choosing “Download”.

  • Verify a new document 

To verify a new document, simply upload it to the relevant heading on your myTrueProfile page and click “Done”. It will then be added and you can select “Verify now” beside the new document you wish to authenticate.

This will take you to the checkout page, where you can check that you’ve uploaded the required documents. You can then simply pay for your new verification and your TrueProof will be added to your myTrueProfile page once it’s been verified! 

  • Additional Features 

A number of helpful additional features can be found at the top right of your myTrueProfile page.

  • Adding a section: you can either add a section beside each relevant heading, or use the “+ Add a Section” button to choose which heading you wish to update.
  • Download as zip: if you want to download all of your verified documents at once, you can do this by clicking the “Download as zip”. 
  • Connect: if one of our Business Partners has provided a connect code, you can click on the “Connect” button, enter the code and grant that employer access to your full profile.

  • Share: By clicking on the Share button, you can share a link to your profile directly with an employer or use the link to add to social media profiles such as LinkedIn.
  • Specify your contact preferences

This feature is really important – especially if you are actively seeking a new career opportunity. Once you’ve clicked on “Contact Settings” you’ll be given three options: 

Choose the option that suits your current career situation best.

  • Managing your TrueProofs

Beside each of your verified documents (found under the relevant heading) there is a drop down menu to enable you to validate, share, add to uPort, or download your TrueProofs.

  • Validate: enables you to prove the authenticity of your TrueProof
  • Share: allows you to share the individual TrueProof via LinkedIn or directly with an employer
  • Add to uPort: once you’ve downloaded the uPort app, you can add your TrueProofs and store them via this digital wallet so they are easy to access from your mobile phone. 
  • Download: download a copy of your report directly to your device

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