How You Can Ace that OFW Job Interview

We’ve all been there. Had a job interview from hell that went so bad you just cringe and wince at yourself and wished you could do it all over again. You know what? It’s fine. Forgive yourself. Now, let’s move on and focus on what we can control. Preparing for another job interview as a would-be OFW. We’ll help you ace it with these tips.

Scout the location.

How You Can Ace that OFW Job Interview
Arrive fierce like a Ms. Universe, even if you had to walk an hour. In the rain.

It’s not enough to know the address of the office where the interview would be. You have to know exactly where it is, how to commute there, and how long it will take to get there. Allot for enough time so that even if the MRT broke down and you had to walk the whole of EDSA, you’ll still arrive fresh, fierce, and ready to slay.

Scout the employer.

Find out who it is, what they stand for, and what they are looking for. Google them. Get info on how big the company is. Quote their Company Mission and Vision back at them and watch them weep. Find out more about the country they’re based in.



Prepare for the questions and practice your answers.

Be ready for questions about life abroad, being away from your family, and not being home for Christmas. Have a friend be a sounding board and run by them your answers so that you can polish your statements. This is also so your friend can alert you if you sound like the applicants in the video above. You know you’re going to be asked to tell them more about yourself and what your negative traits are. The trick is to say something negative but turn it around so that it’s really more of a good trait. “I’m very persistent. I don’t stop until the job is done.” “I’m so focused on a job sometimes that I forget everything else.” O, ha! Your research will also come in handy if they ask if you’re familiar with the company and/or the country. Remember to enunciate your answers in a clear and confident manner.

How you look.

How You Can Ace that OFW Job Interview
Open-toed shoes are a no-no.

It’s very un-PC, I know, but looks do count. I don’t mean beautiful as opposed to ugly, but more like put-together versus unkempt. Why would they hire you as a nurse when you can’t even clean under your nails? Or when you look like you’ve had to fight your way out of a too overcrowded LRT wagon. A visit to the bathroom before going to the interview is a must, if only to gather yourself and give your reflection a pep talk. Take three deep breaths if you feel nervous.

Don’t forget to smile.

Treat the interviewer as just another person. They’re not out to get you. Turn the interview into a conversation. When they ask if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to voice out yours queries. Ask about the job’s duties, benefits, and the people you will potentially work with. This will show that you are involved and interested. They just want to know if you’ll be a good fit for their company. Show them that you are.

Good luck!

Picture attribution CC BY 2.0

Screengrab from Miss Universe 2015