• Posted26 Apr 2022
  • SectorPrivate
  • Job LocationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Experience2 years
  • Working hoursFull-time
  • Salary

    20,000 AED-20,000 AEDper month


  • 2 weeks up to 1-month free accommodation
  • Medical Insurance
  • Mobilization Ticket (Airfare)

Required Documents

  • CV - including colored photo and date of birth
  • Passport Copy
  • Educational Certificates
  • Employment Certificates
  • DataFlow and Prometric Exam
  • DHA, DOH/HAAD, or MOH License


We are looking for a qualified Sonographer with a Bachelor's degree or Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound or Sonography and with a minimum of 2 years experience after qualification in a related field. The qualified candidate must be currently licensed in the country of origin and with a DOH/ DHA/ MOH License to practice in the UAE. Fluency in spoken and written English and the Arabic language is desirable, but not essential.

The Sonographer performs the full range of routine - General Radiologic procedures for examination of all parts of the human body, exercising proper safety and radiation protection at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Performs work in the radiography rooms and wards on a 24-hour on-call rotation basis within the Radiology facilities and ER, OR, OPD and special clinics. The nature of the job necessitates strict adherence to radiation safety regulations due to radiation hazards.

Reviews radiologic requests to determine the region(s) to be examined and the radiographic projections to be taken, based on the patient’s history, departmental guidelines, physician’s recommendations, patient’s condition and independent judgement.

Arranges for appropriate patient flow to and from the assigned clinical area.

Transports, prepares and positions patients using care, tact, courtesy and patience.

Adjusts, manipulates and controls a variety of highly technological and costly radiographic equipment and accessories for Radiographic procedures to obtain optimum quality radiographs as prescribed in the departmental procedure manual.

Ensures proper patient safety by utilizing special equipment or accessories for radiographic procedures.

Reviews processed radiographs for optimal quality and assists in quality control by maintaining film processing units.

Prepares and assists in administering contrast media, performing special radiographic procedures or operating specialized radiographic equipment under the general supervision of a Radiologist.

Assists in maintaining an appropriate inventory of supplies and accessories for the performance of radiologic procedures.

Maintains clean and antiseptic conditions of the radiology equipment and accessories in the working and clinical environment.

Demonstrates functional knowledge of sterile and isolation techniques in order to prevent contamination.

Recognizes change in patient’s condition that requires emergency action and initiates an appropriate response.

Demonstrates functional knowledge pertaining to potential radiation hazards and appropriate radiation safety regulations.


  • 2 weeks up to 1-month free accommodation
  • Medical Insurance
  • Mobilization Ticket (Airfare)


  • CV (should contain a photo, Date of Birth, provided in a Word document)
  • Passport Copy
  • All Educational and Employment certificates
  • DataFlow and Prometric Exam
  • DHA, DOH/HAAD, or MOH License


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