• Posted18 Oct 2021
  • SectorPrivate
  • Job LocationRiyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
  • Experience2 years
  • Working hoursFull-time
  • Salary

    8,000 SAR-10,000 SARper month

Required Documents

  • CV - including colored photo and date of birth


Working in collaboration with our client, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics, one of the leaders in the field of dentistry and dental care, we are seeking Dental Head Nurses who will join the team of talented professionals in our field. The successful applicant will be responsible for providing professional leadership, managerial support and clinical expertise to all staff in the Dental Department. Assumes overall accountability and responsibility for the

management of the designated area. Promotes the continuing professional development of staff and ensures the provision of the best quality patient care within the available resources.

At least five (5) years of practical experience is required. Preference is given to candidates with

The Dental Head Nurse is responsible for the CBAHI folder and Department Manual including updating the quality indicators which is a requirement for JCI and CBAHI. Does round to department rooms (clinics, CSSD, utilities and stores) and ensure compliance to JCIA/ CBAHI safety standards. Restocking, receiving and checking the dental supplies in each clinic and Ensures that all supplies are stored properly and no expired items. Monitors the infection control measures and adherence in the clinics.

He/She is also responsible for the assistant's distribution to clinics and preparing daily schedules. Prepare monthly cerec report, and keep track of DOR (Daily Operative Report) of each dental assistant and reports any out of order/ malfunction, damage to concerned department and follow-up till repaired and Monitor the PPM of all clinics , CSSD and X-Ray and report it in case of non-compliance.

He/She will also check if the standard in each clinic is properly implemented, oversee general care of the patients in the dental department and serve as an extra nurse if needed.

Supervising the collection and posting of laboratory work, providing basic life support and assisting in medical emergencies, providing oral health education as prescribed by the dentist and attending meetings and participating in HMG committees.

He/She can also be assigned to train all new staff and educate them in case of any new policies or procedures, lead the team by ensuring an appropriate workflow management between the team through appropriate delegation of work and set team objectives and provide formal and informal feedback and appraisal to teams in order to maximize and overall department performance in the pursuit of the set objectives. He/She will also participate in person-centered care initiatives undertaken by AJAJI, enrich patient experience with compassion, respect and dignity, perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.


  • Bachelor Degree in Dentistry/Nursing
  • Relevant certificates (BLS)
  • Valid Saudi Council License
  • Knowledge and working experience dental care plans.
  • Wide variety of operational skills on common equipment used in the unit/department.
  • Demonstrate a style of management that is open, positive, fair, consultative and non-judgmental fostering a climate more conducive to learning, where staff feels valued and fear and intimidation are eliminated.
  • Knowledge of quality assurance, infection control practices and general knowledge of required critical care.
  • Flexible and able to prioritize and adapt during emergencies.
  • Knowledge of patient care plan, charting, documentation and patient history
  • Good planning, evaluating and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrate positive and effective communication skills, both verbal and written, using appropriate reporting structures/mechanisms according to policy.
  • Role model, preceptor, resource person in providing and supervising clinical practice.
  • Attention to detail and good follow through on work tasks.
  • Energetic and productive outstandingly
  • Demonstrates honesty, integrity, and follow through on commitments.
  • Effectively handle pressure and be able to resolve conflict among teams.
  • Serve as a role model, preceptor, and resource person in providing and supervising clinical practice.


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