• Posted8 May 2023
  • SectorPrivate
  • Job LocationIreland country wide, Ireland
  • Experience1 year
  • Working hoursFull-time
  • Salary

    38,532 EUR-46,000 EURper year


  • 3 Year extendable Visa
  • 2 months free accommodation provided
  • Flights paid by Recruiter
  • Access to free healthcare

Required Documents

  • CV - including colored photo and date of birth
  • Valid English Language Certificate (IELTS or OET)
  • PRC Board Exam (Professional Regulation Commission)
  • Passport Copy


Advanced Community Care is a specialist, future-focused healthcare service providing highly-individualised, complex care to children, young adults and families who need support in the face of injury, illness or disability – and who may require the intervention of medical technology.

Our team of 110 nurses works in the community, in their clients’ homes – delivering one-to-one, highly-personalised, individual nursing that takes them right to the heart of families of need.

You’ll provide complex care to one patient per shift out in the community, in their family home.

You’ll care for patients with a range of complex needs including invasive and non-invasive ventilation, skin disorders, life-limiting illnesses and congenital disorders.

You’ll be carefully placed with patients, according to your skills and experience and on a secure contract. This is a permanent role allowing for continuity care.

You’ll have the constant support of one of 7 nurse managers, so you’ll never feel left alone to cope.

You can keep up your ongoing education and general nursing skills by doing accredited training programmes with us.

Located in Republic of Ireland country wide.Nurses will have some degree of selection depending on availability.

Salary ranges from €30K per annum to Post Probation: €38K per annum and Rising to €46K per annum


  • 3 Year extendable Visa
  • 2 months free accommodation provided
  • Flights paid by Recruiter
  • Access to free healthcare


  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and / or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) experienced nurses
  • Minimum 1 years PICU and/or NICU experience


Healthcare professionals are in high demand in Ireland

About Us

Resilience Healthcare The Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For. Maybe you’re a hospital nurse looking for a change from busy ward work. Perhaps you’ve got your sights set on moving to Ireland, to develop your career. And maybe too, a more personal, one-to-one approach to nursing is what you’re looking for right now... For these, and so many more reasons, joining our specialist care team at Advanced Community Care is the smartest career move you could make. By working with children and young adults who lead technologically-dependent lives at home, this is your opportunity to grow your future at the cutting-edge of quality complex care - while being part of a supported, highly-trained and rewarded team.
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