• Posted18 Oct 2021
  • SectorPrivate
  • Job LocationRiyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
  • Experience2 years
  • Working hoursFull-time
  • Salary

    25,000 SAR-35,000 SARper month


  • Housing, Transportation to and from the clinic, Medical Insurance, 30 days annual leave, Paid annual round trip ticket, EOY bonus for meeting quota

Required Documents

  • CV - including colored photo and date of birth
  • HMG Application Form
  • Experience Certificate
  • BLS (if available)
  • DataFlow Report (if available)
  • Academic Certificate (Diploma, TOR, and RLE)
  • License Certificate (Saudi Council License if applicable, PRC License Card Copy, PRC Board Rating)
  • Valid Passport Copy


Working in collaboration with our client, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics, one of the leaders in the field of dentistry and dental care, we are seeking AGP who will join the team of talented professionals in this field. The successful applicant will be responsible for Providing charting for new patients, oral diagnosis, detailed treatment planning and treatment of dental disease within the privileges, as well as refer patients to appropriate specialties as needed. At least 2 years of practical experience is required

The successful applicant is responsible for obtaining and interpreting medical, dental and psychosocial history, including the evaluation of physical and social conditions that may affect dental management. He/She will conduct examinations and order appropriate radiographs and prescribe medication as needed. He/She is expected to comply with the standards laid down by the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA)/ Central Board for accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) and performs duties necessary to support and achieve accreditation.

Salary Range : 25,500 - 35,000 SAR per month


  • Housing, Transportation to and from the clinic, Medical Insurance, 30 days annual leave, Paid annual round trip ticket, EOY bonus for meeting quota


  • Bachelor’s Degree or General Dentistry Degree (from an accredited Dental School)
  • Relevant certificates (BLS, preferably ACLS certified)
  • Valid Saudi Council License
  • Preference is given to candidates with previous Middle East experience and knowledge of Arabic
  • Enable to handle sensitive issues professionally and display principle judgement in dealing with matters that require confidentiality
  • Strong analytical and problem solving abilities
  • Good Communication and interpersonal skills
  • CV and Application Form should include Date of Birth and Passport photo


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Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics For more than three decades, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics have been leaders in the field of dentistry and dental care. This is due to our commitment to the highest quality and the safest medical standards. We use advanced technology, recruit trained and skilled medical personnel, and have the newest, highest quality, most secure facilities, equipment and tools. We have hundreds of accomplished dentists working in our many dental clinics, and we’re still growing. We aim to redefine dental healthcare standards by seeking perfection and excellence. Our mission is to sustain mass development in all fields of advanced dental and oral medicine and granting the best definition of patient care in parallel with offering a flawless work environment and career advantages for our staff.
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