Our mission TrueProfile.io is a technology-driven platform which brings together the right professionals in an ecosystem of trust. We strive to give our Business Partners the verification services they need to mitigate risk within the hiring process while empowering our Members with the tools they need to build a successful career abroad.
What we do and how we got here

TrueProfile.io, founded in 2016, is part of the DataFlow Group ; an entity which is a world leader in Primary Source Verification (PSV). TrueProfile.io was developed to provide blochain-stored verifications which saved time, costs yet were high quality and reliable.

Since then, we’ve continued to pioneer new ways to help our Business Partners and Members achieve their goals: cost-effective, trusted hiring tools and resources to help build a successful career abroad respectively.

TrueProfile.io is home to the new standard in document verification. Our verifications are stored on blockchain, making them the most trusted, secure and tamper-proof verifications in the industry. We work with international employers, regulators and authorities to help them source and hire verified staff, giving trustworthy professionals access to lucrative international opportunities.

Who do we help?

Are you an individual with authentic credentials who would love to work abroad? Then join our growing community of Members.
Are you an employer / regulator / authority / education institution? We’d love to welcome you as a Business Partner
The future of TrueProfile.io We are continually exploring and developing new ways to help bridge the trust gap within the hiring process, enabling professional migration to happen in a secure, trusted and cost-effective environment.