If you’ve been diligently verifying your employees ahead of making each hire, we’ve just launched a new feature that you need to know about.

If you have used TrueProfile.io to verify your employees’ credentials, your workforce can share their verifications on their LinkedIn profile. Our new feature enables TrueProfile.io members to share their TrueProfile.io verification on LinkedIn, verifying statements such as their education degree. Not only does this cement the skills and qualifications of individual employees, but it also builds trust towards your company as a whole by highlighting your company’s stance on hiring certified individuals.

A verified workforce is a huge asset and now you can showcase your authenticated team on LinkedIn! The video below outlines the full process:

Showcase your verified workforce, build trust and encourage clients and business partners to connect and network with trusted, verified employees.

If you or any of your verified employees have questions about adding their verification to LinkedIn, then please reach out to us on help@trueprofile.io.

Want to build your own verified workforce?

To find out more about building your own verified team, visit our Business Partner area or email businesspartner@trueprofile.io.