This month,’s thought-leadership within the verification, HR, technology and recruitment space caught the eye of several global media powerhouses. 

Our Co-Heads, René Seifert and Alejandro Coca, spoke to various publications about the role of blockchain technology in battling CV fraud, how to strengthen hiring processes, the risks of fraud within the executive education space and the top HR trends in 2021 to empower companies to retain and attract strong talent. 

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Digital Identity

Podcast: ‘Let’s Talk About Digital Identity

René Seifert was featured in episode 37 of Ubisecure’s podcast ‘Let’s Talk About Digital Identity’ where he talks to host Oscar Santolalla about the current status of identity in the UK; the government’s recent call for evidence and DIU (digital identity unit); the resultant six guiding principles – including privacy and inclusivity; the potential of self-sovereign identity to solve some of these issues; and the importance of verified credentials in an HR context; plus the ethical, political and technical challenges of ‘immunity passports.’

Listen to René’s interview:

Executive Education

Open Access Government

How blockchain can protect businesses against CV fraud

In one of our most recent features with Open Access Government, René Seifert, speaks about the role blockchain plays in combatting CV fraud in competitive job markets and ensuring bulletproof hiring practices. 

FE News

The executive education boom: a chance to reskill a population or a slippery slope to increased fraud?

“Institutions offering courses online now need to consider how they can weed out fraud before an applicant is granted admission to a higher education course.¨ says Alejandro Coca, when writing in FE News about executive education courses opening the door to potential fraudsters. Courses without credential and identity verification processes offer a space for scammers and fraudsters to participate, undetected.

Human Resources

HR News

HR’s key considerations for the year ahead

In HR News: Alejandro Coca, recommends that companies who are looking to retain and attract talent successfully should implement these 5 HR trends. 

Recruitment News

HR’s key considerations for the year ahead

In Recruitment News, Alejandro Coca, discusses the importance for HR teams to focus on ensuring they have the correct processes and tools in place to empower their companies and enable successful talent outcomes in 2021

Employer News

HR’s key hiring considerations for the year ahead

“HR teams must make talent acquisition and retention their number one priority this year if they are to thrive,” says Alejandro Coca, speaking to Employer News about the key HR trends to embrace through 2021. Find out what those trends are:

HR Director

So, what are the big HR issues for 2021?

Alejandro Coca, a contributing writer in the HR Director, says that for HR teams, 2021 “will be about nurturing and improving” when discussing how businesses can cope with crises for a successful future. He says that “As businesses head into another year of uncertainty, doing everything they can to both retain and attract strong talent is absolutely essential for their success.” 

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