This month,’s thought-leadership within the verification, HR, technology and recruitment space caught the eye of several global media powerhouses. 

Our Co-Heads, René Seifert and Alejandro Coca, spoke to various publications about:

– The role of blockchain in digital vaccine passport developments

– Empowering’s end-users

– Telemedicine as a healthcare delivery solution

– Sourcing verified healthcare professionals around the globe

– Safeguarding telepatient data

– Reducing lengthy recruiting processes

– Addressing long-standing skill shortages

– Onboarding the best candidates

Explore some of our most recent media coverage featuring

Technology in the Press – February 2021

IT Pro

IT experts weigh up the pros and cons of vaccine passports

Discussing the pros and cons of digital vaccination credentials, René Seifert suggests a proprietary hybrid blockchain solution that solicits government endorsement as the most convenient and universally usable. Seifert goes on to say, “Likewise, a public-private partnership could drive the development forward and accelerate the rollout.”

Computer News Middle East

Co-Head of outlines how company is empowering end-users

In this fascinating interview, René Seifert spoke to CNME Editor Mark Forker, about the impact that COVID-19 has had on the HR and recruitment industry. René also underlines how utilizes blockchain technology to empower its users to own their own data and accelerate their career potential.

Telemedicine in the Press – February 2021

Entrepreneur Middle East

Not Just An Emergency Fix: Telemedicine Is Poised For Growth In The GCC

René Seifert, discusses why the GCC needs to adjust to telemedicine care as a permanent solution. Telemedicine, “holds the key to bridging geographical disadvantages and global staffing shortages by facilitating remote healthcare services across borders.”


Leap of faith: COVID-19 is turning telemedicine mainstream in UAE and Gulf region

As the demand for telemedicine consultations rises, Alejandro Coca shares his views on how telemedicine providers must only source verified and credible healthcare professionals to place patient safety first while scaling responsibly.

Unlock Blockchain

UAE DataFlow Group’s utilizes blockchain for telemedicine applications

Virtual healthcare visits are projected to reach 20 million in 2021, making telemedicine an approach to primary care that is here to stay. Alejandro Coca, discusses the use of blockchain to safeguard telepatients and their data and how telemedicine providers must ensure they source verified and credible healthcare professionals.

Bahrain Confidential

The rise of telemedicine: safeguarding patients and their data

Alejandro Coca, discusses the importance for telemedicine providers to source verified and credible healthcare professionals to ensure patient safety and to, “maintain a reliable service and therefore gain competitive advantage.”

Human Resources in the Press – February 2021

Health Tech Digital

Removing the red tape: streamlining the recruitment of international healthcare workers

Alejandro Coca urges NHS trusts to implement blockchain-enabled verification to shorten lengthy healthcare recruiting processes and make the most of their funding. Streamlining the document verification process will be critical for the ongoing fight against Covid-19 and for addressing the long-standing skill shortages in the UK.


6 rules for spotting a false job application

As the current job market is more competitive than ever, Alejandro Coca discusses 6 rules that recruiters can implement in their hiring process to stop dishonest candidates in their track. Following these tips allow you to allocate your precious time, resources and energy back into your talent pipeline to onboard the right (highly skilled and desirable) candidates. 

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