Ubisecure’s podcast ‘Let’s Talk About Digital Identity’ with René Seifert, Co-Founder & Co-Head at TrueProfile.io

TrueProfile.io Co-Head, René Seifert was featured in episode 37 of Ubisecure’s identity management podcast, ‘Let’s Talk Digital Identity’. René spoke to podcast host, Oscar Santolalla, about topics such as the current status of ‘identity’ in the UK, the concept of self-sovereign identity, immunity passports and the importance of verified credentials in an HR/recruitment environment. 

In detail, René discusses the current status of identity in the UK; the government’s recent call for evidence and DIU (digital identity unit); the resultant six guiding principles – including privacy and inclusivity; the potential of self-sovereign identity to solve some of these issues; TrueProfile.io and the importance of verified credentials in an HR context; plus the ethical, political and technical challenges of ‘immunity passports’.

René says “I think it’s interesting if we overlay this utopia of a self-sovereign identity that sounds maybe like science-fiction today, and where these UK digital initiatives are geared, and my best guess is we can and will land somewhere in the middle.”

Listen to René’s interview here: