Our mission

We know that the best people are crucial to your company, whether that’s a hospital, school, university, telemedicine service or corporate workplace, and we’ll ensure you hire and work with only the best. That’s why we’re committed to helping businesses mitigate risk and protect the communities they operate in via quality, technology-driven verification solutions.

What’s TrueProfile.io? TrueProfile.io is home to the new standard in document verification. We earned this title by building a verification solution powered by leading Ethereum blockchain technology which keeps our verifications tamper-proof, secure and transparent. These tech-driven verifications, known as TrueProofs, are assurance that the person you want to work with is completely authentic.
Who are we? TrueProfile.io may be head-quartered in Dubai, but our diverse team is dispersed throughout the globe. This allows us to hire the best people from around the world, putting all of our minds together to deliver new ways to help companies just like yours.
Who do we help? Our client-base belongs to a multitude of industries, but predominantly focuses on sectors which are considered to be ´high risk´. For that reason, we’ve got considerable expertise within all areas of the healthcare industry as well as recruitment, human resources and education.
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